Reignite the Real You



4 month coaching programme
An intensive programme giving you more confidence, freedom and success


Introducing Reignite the Real You – a powerfully immersive programme to bring you clarity so you can confidently step off the hamster wheel and create a life with freedom and fulfilment on your terms.

Coaching for you to recover what has been lost, redefine who you are, develop solid self belief and boldly step up to make a bigger impact on your corner of the world.

This is for you if you:

  • Are a capable and successful woman who is feeling unfulfilled, disconnected and empty inside
  • Don’t know who the real you is any more or what makes you special
  • Are feeling stuck and lost, but you don’t  know where to start to bring the joy into your life again
  • Want to feel like you matter 
  • Want to make a difference and know what you do has an impact on the world
  • Are overwhelmed and over busy, looking after everyone else before you
  • Want to find a better balance with some time for yourself
  • Would love to have more fun and frivolousness in your life
  • Want to become more bold and self assured
  • Are looking to rebuild your confidence and self esteem
  • Want to rewrite your story, sing your own song and dance to the beat of your own drum.

At nearly 50, my life was going round in circles, I was stuck in such a rut with my limiting behaviours – inflexible and rigid, I needed others to constantly boost my confidence. At first I was sceptical as I didn’t think a few months would be all it would take but I had to try. I had to dig deep at times but Fenella’s approach enabled me to completely turn my thinking on its head. A few months later and I honestly feel like a different person.  Sounds sensational, but its true.  I never would have dreamed of getting where I am today and I can’t thank Fenella enough.

Michelle, SW England

What you can do in these 4 months

  • Reignite that inner fire you know is there somewhere

  • Define who you are and what makes you tick

  • Uncover your deepest values and align them

  • Discover your true purpose

  • Unlock your hidden resources and strengths

  • Heal and nourish your relationships

  • Let go of old stories and unhelpful beliefs

  • Expand your beliefs about what is possible for your life

  • Develop strong boundaries  

  • Supercharge your energy, motivation and focus

  • Find inner certainty and rock solid self belief and self confidence

  • Create your perfect balance in life with work

  • Transform yourself from the inside out

  • Decide how to make a stamp on the world.

Are you ready to re-ignite the real you?

Reignite the ember that’s smouldering inside

Rediscover your passion and mission in life

The quiet revolution

Fenella helped me to build a clear picture of what drives me and what really ‘lights me up’! I’m stronger than I think, and can separate myself from the issues and stresses others try to impose on me. This, along with my renewed confidence enabled me to find a company and a role that better reflect my values, and gives me the opportunity to grow and develop.H.N

Reignite the Real You is 4 months of highly supportive coaching that will create permanent change, along with giving you skills that will be useful to coach yourself in the future

A safe space held solely for you to unravel the jumble in your mind and rewire it to suit the future you

Your investment: £1200 (or £300 per month)


What’s included in this powerful programme

  • 8 x 60 min breakthrough coaching sessions over 12 weeks. These may be doubled up  if we need to do deep clearing work to have a solid sound foundation from which to move ahead
  • Messenger support between sessions
  • A personalised hypnosis audio track
  • Session notes and worksheets to support some of the work we do in the sessions

Do it for your future self

Re-ignite the Real You

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