So you’re here because you want a change. Perhaps you’re a high achiever who’s followed the path to success but now you’re feeling disenchanted with it all. You’re wondering – “Is this all there is? You want something more but you can’t put your finger on what that is. You want to have a bigger impact and even make some waves in the world. And underneath it all you’re feeling anxious, stressed or a even a tad depressed.

Let me help you identify what’s amiss and overcome any blocks, beliefs and behaviours that might be getting in the way, so you can reignite the fire in your soul and confidently create a life with more meaning and purpose.

It’s easy to become a victim of your own success, being all things to all people and having nothing left in the tank for yourself. Wouldn’t it be great to have clear boundaries, more focus and vitality? 

At times like this coaching can really help you get clear on what you want and uncover lost skills and strengths hidden by years of following ‘the rules’ and a conventional path to success. Coaching renews motivation, increases self-belief and inner peace.

Where are you right now? 

  • Exhausted from years of doing what’s expected of you?

  • Have you tried everything and still feel stuck?

  • Feel like you’ve lost your identity?

  • Having difficulty making decisions?

  • Tired of failing quick fixes and looking for long term solution?

  • Do you feel anxious when you think of the future?

  • Running out of time to live your life?

Change your perspective &

change your life.

Do you want to reignite your inner spark? Imagine uncovering inner strengths you didn’t know were there. Imagine having a deep self assurance that enables you to put yourself confidently into centre stage and fully in the driving seat of your life, your business or career.

I’ll support you to:

  • Get certain about what you want and set compelling and powerful goals, with clear steps to get there
  • Learn how to listen to yourself and find your inner balance of power
  • Gain control of your health to feel strong and invincible
  • Develop healthy sustainable habits that serve you well
  • Rise above self-doubt, anxiety and fear to develop solid self belief and self assurance, so you can take life fully in both hands and live it to the full.

Coaching services are available online or in person in Bristol. Personal Breakthrough days can be held local to you.

To find out if I’m the right coach for you, get in touch for a complimentary 45 minute call.

Clear Your Mind

90 Minute Session

For when you need clarity and quick results, this laser focussed session will resolve a current problem.

Do you have a specific issue that’s keeping you awake at night?

Would you love to get real clarity and find a successful resolution?

Yes? Then click here to find out more.

Reignite the Real You

4 Month Coaching Programme

For when you have lost your spark, or your identity and you are thinking ‘is this all there is?  

Are you feeling unfulfilled and unhappy with who you are?

Do you feel invisible and small, lost like a little fish in a huge pond?

Are you listening to what others say and feeling confused but you don’t feel you can trust yourself?

Would you like to reignite the real you that is still to be found somewhere?

Then click here to find out more.


Elevate You

7 Month Coaching Programme

Do you want really solid and tangible change?

Are you ready to dive in and get radical lasting results?

Are you tired of quick fixes that fade away – because they don’t go deep enough?

Do you desire a life with more meaning, one that really fires you up?

Do you have a passion to make a bigger impact, but you’re holding yourself back?

Would you like to create more long term success with much less stress.

Yes? Then click here to discover how I can help.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

I spent six months working with Fenella on the back of reaching a crossroads in life and my business. The trust was there from day one, Fenella helped me to unload and anchor my thoughts confidently, overcome barriers and set clear actions aligned to personal and business goals. Thank you, it was brilliant to have your support.

R. Jones – North Somerset

I still don’t understand why, how or the speed at which I have realised a number of things and let go of the all consuming negative feelings I had which can take over your life. It’s a mystery!

I can’t explain how you have done it, but I don’t feel the anxiety I used to. Things like exercise and eating better are now coming naturally without effort. I never thought I could feel this healthy and just lighter in mind, body and soul.

I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart. Months of counselling and antidepressants didn’t do what you have done in a few weeks.

Chloe – Bristol.

Fenella helped me to build a clear picture of what drives me, and what really ‘lights me up’! I’m stronger than I think, and can separate myself from the issues and stresses others try to impose on me.

This, along with my renewed confidence enabled me to find a company and a role that better reflect my values, and gives me the opportunity to grow and develop.

H.N – Bristol


I went to see Fenella because I had suffered with emetophobia since I was around 19.  My fear of others vomiting on me had a sizeable impact on my life – in pubs I was on high alert,  would avoid going to the toilet, I would not travel on buses late at night, I avoided ferries, and I worried about my teenaged sons drinking whenever they went out.

I saw Fenella for just 1 session. The session itself was great fun, and I felt the benefit immediately. Fenella had a great technique which made me realise that my phobia made no real sense. She also used a visual technique which helped me to feel that I am safe both before and after any ‘sickness event’.

Although I am an NLP master practitioner myself, it is so hard to coach oneself!

Fenella was able to fundamentally shake my phobia, so that I now feel entirely differently about it. It no longer takes up headspace or means that I don’t do things for fear of it. I am travelling to France next week on a ferry, and I will leave my cabin! My eldest son finished his A levels and went out clubbing, and I didn’t go to bed worrying or feeling afraid. I used to wear ear plugs to bed so that I wouldn’t hear if he came home having been drinking, but I didn’t even think about it. I’ve also been to the toilet in a busy pub without worry.

Thank you Fenella. This phobia meant that I was on high alert a lot of the time, and I no longer feel that.

Claire Black – N. Somerset

“Be bold, be heard, be seen. Make a mark on your corner of the world.

Coaching for changemakers, leaders and coaches on a mission to create positive change.

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