Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Training Courses

We offer a full range of NLP Practitioner training courses both online and in person in the Bristol area throughout the year. These courses are certified by the American Board of NLP, the American Board of Hypnosis and the Time Line Therapy Association™.

NLP training courses will provide you with effective thinking methods and practical tools and techniques that can be applied to any area of your life – business or personal.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the study of how we think, how we process and store our thoughts and the language and processes or strategies that we use, which result in how we act and behave in our life on a day to day basis

Influence and Persuasion - Conscious Communication

Free. Thurs 7th March. Live and interactive. Discover the secret to communicating elegantly to build trust and influence. Email for details and to book.

2 Day Diploma in NLP

For coaches, therapists, educators and anyone wanting to discover more and gain practical tools they can use straight away

Dynamic NLP Practitioner

For business leaders. Increase engagement and productivity with advanced communication, emotional agility and sales skills

Enhanced NLP Practitioner

For coaches, educators, business leaders and anyone who wants to hugely increase their personal and professional success

Master NLP Practitioner

For NLP Coach Practitioners wanting to take their knowledge, skills and ability to the next level

Why take an NLP training course?

NLP explores human communication and behaviours. It is a very flexible way of thinking that can create positive changes in beliefs, attitudes and behaviour quickly and permanently. As a transformative learning experience, it lights up full human potential and allows you to:

  • Understand yourself and others better

  • Develop more fulfilling and honest relationships

  • Become an influential communicator and negotiator

  • Set compelling goals that light you up and draw you to them

  • Learn how to sell successfully

  • Build your confidence

  • Create rapport with anyone at any time

  • Find effective solutions to your problems

  • Improve your performance or create a new career path

  • Get rid of emotional baggage and overcome limiting beliefs and decisions

  • Feel congruent with who you are and what you do

  • Change behaviours that you don’t want, but don’t know how to stop!

  • Have control over your life and your results.


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