Elevate You 



7 month coaching programme
A deep dive that will give you powerful life changing results

Introducing Elevate You – a powerful programme where you will explore the essence of who you are and what makes you tick to reignite the real you.

Transformational coaching to create aligned, powerful and practical changes that take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

 This is for you if…

  • You are a changemaker or leader who is feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated or lost.
  • You want help to let got of old conditioning and the conventional rules that haven’t brought the happiness you expected.
  • You feel conflicted inside, something is off or missing but you can’t put your finger on exactly why or what
  • You want to connect with and explore your true purpose in life
  • You want to rediscover who you are and what you are capable of
  • You feel stuck, blocked and bored and want to explore and express your creativity more
  • You want to become more courageous and make your voice heard
  • Despite your success you feel like you will be found out as a fraud
  • You are scared that you’ll never achieve what you want.
  • You want more joy, more energy and a better balance in your life.

I was in a place of feeling overwhelmed during a period of unexpected and quite intense growth for my business. I did not feel prepared for where I had got to on many levels but particularly in terms of my confidence and mindset.

I wasn’t really sure what had happened that day or if indeed anything had at all.

A few weeks later I noticed I was feeling calmer, a steady internal calm so unlike the racing, stomach-churning sensations I had been living with for so long. I was immediately worried that I was missing something crucial. But I wasn’t. I was just experiencing a feeling I had not had for a long while: the sensation of feeling in control. I am trusting myself and believing in myself for the first time in what seems like a very very long time.

I would highly recommend working with Fenella. I am still not clear what she did, or how, but she definitely helped me to overcome a deep-seated internal ‘blockage’. And the results have been long term rather than immediate, which is why it almost feels like some sort of alchemy!!

Next on the agenda for me will be doing NLP training with her.

S. Walcott

What you will be able to do in these 7 months

  • Discover your deepest values and ensure they’re aligned
  • Explore and redefine who you are and what makes you tick
  • Identify and let go of the old stories, unhelpful beliefs and behaviours that hold you back
  • Get fully clear on your purpose
  • Define your vision for your future and create compelling goals that will take you there
  • Bring out your essence and let your full personality take centre stage
  • Expand your beliefs about what is possible
  • Create more time for you while maintaining a balance within your family and work life too.
  • Increase your resilience so you can deal calmly with whatever challenges come your way
  • Build your confidence and courage to express your true voice with conviction
  • Increase your influence to make a much bigger impact on the world
  • Find more meaning and fulfilment in your career and increase your wealth and wellbeing
  • Reignite the passion inside and learn how to express your inner power to it’s best effect
  • Develop your skills as a charismatic empathetic changemaker and leader.

Are you ready to elevate you?

“Step out and step up into the next chapter of your life feeling strong, confident and bold. Find your voice and confidently step into the limelight and make some waves.

It’s time to put you, your life and your mission centre stage and be the main act.”

I worked with Fenella recently to help refocus my life and understand what it was I have truly been looking for. She is calm, understanding, warm and has been instrumental in my beginning to have a brighter and clearer vision for my life. I feel a weight has been lifted and understand now what I need to do to access my own future self. For the first time in years I’m looking ahead and feeling excited about what’s to come in all areas of my life professional and personal. Having someone outside of my own network that was able to listen and provide me with relevant and real feedback on my own thought process has been invaluable and I couldn’t recommend her more highly!

Angharad Armitstead.

Elevate You is 7 months of highly supportive coaching which will create permanent change and give you the skills to coach yourself for the rest of your life.

Grounded in neuroscience, with a bit of magic if that connects with you.

Nothing is impossible or out of bounds and there’s nothing we cannot talk about and explore.

Your investment: £3000 (or £333 per month over 9 months)

What’s included in this amazing programme


  • 1 day personal breakthrough session to do the deep work, clear blocks and create a solid sound foundation for the months ahead.
  • 8 x 60 min being bold monthly coaching sessions
  • 8 x 15 min check in calls (one between each session)
  • Final 2 hr planning session to keep you motivated for the year ahead
  • 2 personalised hypnosis audio tracks to further embed our work.
  • Comprehensive session notes
  • Messenger support
  • Activity and worksheets
  • Welcome gift.

Embark on a truly transformational journey of a lifetime, exploring possibility and experiencing powerful and radical deep change.

Discover the fully uncensored, expansive, empowered, creative person that is waiting and wanting to be let out.

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