Clear Your Mind 


For when you’re stuck on a problem and you just can’t see your way through.

For when you need clarity and quick results.

This 90 minute laser focused session will leave you with a clear mind and a plan of action.


This is for you if you are:

  • Are feeling overwhelmed and stuck on a particular problem
  • Are tired of the same situation happening again and again but don’t know how to stop it
  • Have an inner conflict that’s eating your energy and you’d like it resolved
  • Are looking for a sounding board to really clarify your thoughts
  • Want to explore a new concept or idea
  • Have a phobia or intense fear that you want to remove.

I worked with Fenella and it was a phenomenal experience. In 20 minutes we had worked through a problem I had been losing sleep over for 2 weeks! If you’re a business owner, you need to see her today and get your head in the right place so you can perform at your best.  Sunjay Singh

90 minutes of magical time focussed on you

Are you ready to clear your mind?

Cost: £199

(Phobia Removal is £350) Zoom or in person

I had suffered with emetophobia since I was around 19. My fear of others vomiting on me had a sizeable impact on my life – I either avoided or was on high alert in any place people might be sick. I saw Fenella for one session and felt the benefit immediately. I now feel entirely differently about it. It no longer takes up headspace or means that I don’t do things for fear of it. I am travelling to France next week on a ferry, and I will leave my cabin!

Claire Black

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