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Your members of staff are arguably your most important assets. They are the heart of your business and of course you want them to succeed, stay with you and be happy.

However in a world of ever increasing speed of technological development and change, where businesses need to be agile and responsive this can feel like an insurmountable challenge. The ever increasing pressure to do more at higher quality with fewer resources may leave you feeling it’s impossible to keep your team, let alone all your other stakeholders happy!

Let me ask…

  • Are you experiencing high-level staff absence due to stress, illness or injury?
  • What about presenteesim – are staff coming to work when they’re clearly not well?
  • Perhaps you’re experiencing considerable staff turnover and you’re not sure why?
  • Are you constantly dealing with problems of communication and conflict within teams?
  • Is a pressured and stressful working environment affecting staff productivity?

As well as working with individual clients, AboveBeyond works with companies to offer practical workshops and training that will increase both the productivity and health of teams.

Through workshops and training our mission is to help businesses build dynamic team cultures that embrace systemic thinking and action; that can both respond with speed to the changing business environment and at the same time, maintain stability.

We can offer expert training in the following:

Effective Communication Skills

Communication underpins everything we do. In this one day course learn and practice tools and techniques you need to communicate professionally & confidently as well as being able to use language to influence and negotiate.

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Stress Management, Resilience & Mental Health

This one day course explores different types of stress and pressure and it’s effect on us mentally and physically. Learn a range of strategies and techniques that will help look after mental health and build resilience levels.

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Presenting with Confidence

This one day course will cover the fundamental skills of structure, message and delivery to enable you to present powerfully and confidently and keep the audience engaged throughout. There is some pre-course preparation.

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Assertiveness Skills Training

This one day course will teach staff how to behave assertively and communicate confidently and effectively in the work place. Highly interactive, it will build confidence in a variety of situations involving others.

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Grow your teams, increase engagement and motivation, enhance critical thinking and creativity whilst increasing quality and productivity. Get in touch to find out exactly how we can help your business thrive.

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