NLP Master Practitioner Training

Become an NLP Master Practitioner and skyrocket your skills to the next level


As an NLP Practitioner, you have experienced some of what is possible with NLP and have been on an incredible journey of personal growth. Now become a Master NLP Practitioner and

  • Increase your success, prosperity and happiness even further through learning advanced NLP skills
  • Enhance your adaptive capacity, expand your understanding and grow your confidence exponentially by becoming a Master Practitioner
  • Have the resources and skills to balance all aspects of your life, relationships, health, wealth, emotional wellbeing and work.


To enroll on the Master Practitioner training you need have successfully completed:

  • ‍The Enhanced NLP Coach Practitioner Certification via (formally AboveBeyond Coaching) or another ABNLP approved provider that is known to us. Please call us to check this before booking.
  • The Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification, which is a 1.5 day training as part of the Enhanced NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training.
  • The Hypnosis Practitioner Certification, which is a 2 day training as part of our Enhanced NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training.

If you require any of these certifications, we can help you gain them. Please contact us to discuss.

NLP Master Practitioner Training (14 days) 2024

This training is currently run in Bristol, England

Week 1: Sun 21st -Sat 27th April, Week 2: Wed 5th – Tues 11th June

Week 1: Sat 9th – Fri 15th November, Week 2 – Sat 7th – Fri 13th December

NLP Master Practitioner Course Fees

£2995. Secure your place with a £500 deposit. (flexible payment plans available)


NLP Master Practitioner Training Course Outline

Quantum linguistics

Elevate your skill in using language to the next level and be able to create positive change conversationally, with advanced language patterns. Learn to use language with even greater precision and elegant creativity.
• Enhanced Milton Model language skills
• Sleight of Mouth – 16 different ways to answer any type of objection
• Meta Model III – use a set of specific questions to direct thinking in a positive way
• Linguistic Parts Integration
• Prime Concerns – a way to discover what someone is missing deep down, unconsciously, which may be a source of unhappiness
• A simple negotiation model that is really effective and gets results
• Introduction to quantum physics and quantum thinking and how to use the principles when using NLP.


Advanced submodalities

• Using neurological drivers to create lasting change
• How to create designer SWISH patterns
• NLP training design and presentation skills. How to create and deliver training / presentations that meet all kinds of needs.
• Hakalau and Meditation on the Light.



• Expand your knowledge of how to use strategies in business, therapy and relationships
• Learn how to install new more effective strategies to replace ineffective ones.
• Conversational strategy change.



• The formation of values and their influence on us
• Elicit and organise values to create powerful change
• Removing conflicts in values
• Using values alignment in business, sales and relationships
• Meta Programs, what they are and how they influence people.


NLP modelling

• Learn how to model the excellence in others that leads to success
• Undertake a personal modelling project.


Time Line Therapy®/Creating Your Future®

Recap and extend your knowledge and understanding. Build further confidence in all aspects of this powerful process, which can bring about profound lasting change therapeutically and in any NLP Coaching.

• Eliminate negative emotions and let go of limiting decisions and beliefs (advanced explanation)
• Understand what creates anxiety and how to get rid of it
• The Creating Your Future Process®
• Using the techniques to assist clients in healing
• Pain Paradigm
• Drop Down Through process.

Hypnosis Master Practitioner

Further develop your capability in using beautifully crafted language patterns to influence change in therapy, business and education.

  • Learn the techniques of three masters of Hypnosis – Erickson, Elman and Esterbrooks
  • Understand the differences between direct-authoritarian and indirect-permissive styles of Hypnosis
  • How to use embedded metaphors for aiding deeper change
  • Practice inducing a variety of hypnotic phenomena
  • The healing paradigm
  • Improving your imagination
  • Using the Pendulum to support change.

NLP Master Coach

  • The NLP coaching cycle
  • Process frames for coaching
  • Coaching tools including personal strength assessment for clients, internal drive history, effectiveness check-list and more
  • Tailored questions for a specific type of business.


Coaching to Personal Breakthrough

Bring together everything you have learned to plan and carry out a tailored breakthrough session where you will coach a partner to achieve profound and lasting change. You too will experience this process as a client. It’s a truly amazing experience!

  • Take a detailed personal history
  • Select the most appropriate coaching tools to get the most results in the least space of time
  • Utilising the your language skills and utilising interventions to support your client to make deep lasting changes.

Enhanced Coach Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training – when booked together

Investment £4230 (Save £650). £500 deposit and balance by instalments. If you would like to book this option, please request this here.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

“I was surpristed by how comfortable this new world of NLP is. The training has stretched me to my limit and taken me beyond what I would have believed I was capable of.

Master Practitioner training will push you through all your boundaries and give you undeniable knowledge and confidence. Fenella is an expert in her field and loves teaching NLP!”

Angie Goudie – Owner, Gaudie Hair, Bristol

The Enhanced NLP Coach Practitioner training was magnificent! It was dynamic, experiential and fun. I especially loved the hypnotherapy, which surprised me as it was the thing I was most worried about. The practical aspect of it was incredible. My biggest learning is that I can be, do and have anything I choose – I just need to ensure my unconscious mind is in charge! I would say to anyone who is interested – just do it. Suspend all preconceptions. If you’ve thought about it, you’re open to it and you can do it

Deb Morgan – The Relationship Expert, Not Just A Rehearsal.

I really loved Master Practitioner training. In the weeks between the two sections I really saw an impact with clients, some of whom progressed phenomenally quickly. I feel I have a much greater understanding of the deep structure around the things a person is doing that have been caused by a problem. I have a really solid, deep and brilliantly super flexible and adaptable framework for helping people to move themselves from whatever is holding them back.

Orla Kirby – Orla Kirby Hypnotherapy

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