Another New Year arrives

And so we arrive at the end of another year for those of us who live by the Roman Calendar. It’s a time that’s often taken as an opportunity to review, recalibrate, redirect and even revolutionise our thinking and direction in life.

It’s also the time when resolutions to stop smoking or drinking, get healthy, lose weight, find a new job, house or shake up relationships are made. People begin the New Year motivated and filled with good intentions until the pressures of everyday life kick in and by mid February the resolutions fizzle out and they’re back to doing what they did before, just like 92% of people who make resolutions. Their methods clearly don’t work.

It’s a big challenge for the mind or body to adjust to a new, usually strict, regime straight after the festive season. What’s more, every time we give up on our resolutions or goals, the unconscious mind registers that we’ve failed again and each time our belief in our ability to succeed diminishes a bit more.

The issue with resolutions is they’re too general or vague, plus they don’t have a strong emotional buy in because there’s nothing powerful, or specific enough for the unconscious mind to find compelling and choose in preference. Therefore it continues to be drawn more strongly to a well grooved old habit.

If you really want to achieve any resolution you set, you need to have a different approach. Those who’ve attended Enhanced NLP Coach Practitioner training will know well, the powerful and creative method used to create multi-dimensional compelling outcomes (goals).


Below I explain a slightly adapted version. I’m also running a live session, Create Compelling Outcomes for Inspired Action on Tuesday 9th January 2024 that will take you through the process. If you’re interested, you can sign up here. Places are limited.


1. Find your WHY

It’s vital to clarify your intention behind what you do because it creates motivation. What the purpose? Why is it important? What’s the value for you? Your WHY remains even when you get derailed, face obstacles or things don’t work out. Your WHY keeps you going. If you can’t find a compelling WHY for any outcome (goal) you make, ditch it.

2. Focus on what you want

Your outcomes (goals) need to be written in a way that’s specific, clear and attractive to the unconscious mind. The conscious mind is the goal setter and the unconscious mind is the goal getter, so it has to feel compelled and driven to operate in a way that has your outcomes (goals) become a reality. That also means it’s essential for you to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want! So often people focus on the latter and guess where their energy goes? That’s right, into what they don’t want! All is not lost though, there’s a simple way to discover what you want if you don’t know!

‍Just ask, ‘What do I not want in my life and what do I want to stop or change? Write everything down and then flip every one into the opposite. Voila, you now have a list of what you want and can choose which one to work on first!

When you know what you want, creating outcomes (goals) the NLP way is both powerful and highly motivating. There’s a useful set of questions that energise your thinking, help you create detailed outcomes with clarity which generate excitement inside.

3. Create a picture

Now close your eyes and imagine your outcome (goal) in your minds eye. Where are you? What does the space look like? Who are you with? What are you doing? What else is happening? Create a really strong, vivid and clear picture and make it so you’re looking through your own eyes.

4. Add in sounds

Are there any sounds that are present in your outcome? What are you and other people saying? What other noises are there? Imagine them now in your head. Again, be specific.

5. Inject with feelings

Now consider how having this outcome will make you feel. You want it to energise and excite you, have you feeling warm and tingly and make your heart or stomach flutter. Notice and name the feelings.


6. Write it down

Now write your outcome (goal) out by hand. Describe it in detail visually in all it’s glory, including the sounds and feelings too. Also consider these two questions:

  • What do I have now and what will I need to create this?
  • Is there anyone I know who’s done something like this before? If there is, list the characteristics they have that enable them to achieve the behaviours, actions or habits, so you can model them.

7. Do a sense check

  • Does the outcome / goal really light you up?
  • Do your head, heart and gut say the same thing?
  • What you’ll gain and lose when you’ve reached your outcome (goal). Will it be worth it?
  • How commited do you feel?
  • How much do you really believe you can achieve this?
  • What skills might you need to learn?

8. Break your outcome (goal) into steps

Consider where you are in relation to the successful achievement of your outcome (goal) and map out the specific bite size steps to take.

9. Take action now

Decide the first step you can take towards your outcome (goal) and do it. It may only take 5 minutes – it means you’ll have started taking action. Remember to keep focussed on what you want and take daily action.

Set outcomes (goals) for different areas of your life. Ensure you have a balance and that you pay attention to your health and wellbeing overall as without those, everything slows down or even stops.

This process helps to bring that which you desire into a sharp focus and make it compelling to you. As you take action, keep a note of your achievements and the changes you’ve made so you can check back and congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come.

Once again, if you’d like to be guided through this process in detail then sign up for the 90 minute live interactive webinar on Tuesday 9th January 2024. Did I mention, it’s free and spaces are limited. Book here.

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