There’s an epidemic waiting to happen right now, on every street and in nearly every country across the world.
We’re virtually all of us in danger of succumbing to the 21st century plague. This isn’t like the black death that swept the globe swiftly wiping out millions in the Middle Ages. The 21st century plague is much more insidious, creeping up on you slowly over time often out of awareness. Then once it becomes apparent, it’s already taken hold.
The 21st century plague is of our own making. A great many of us live incredibly stressful lives in high-stress environments. Our bodies are bombarded with chemicals from the products we use, the foods we eat and toxins in the air that we can’t smell or see.
Our diet is low in nutrition and high in calories, we’re over stimulated by caffeine or sedated by alcohol, our bodies are sluggish from sedentary lifestyles. We’re constantly under pressure from too much work; being told what we must do to live the perfect life; have the perfect image; be other words to be, do and have it all.
Over time, all of this combines to erode both our physical and mental wellbeing.


An Unhealthy Picture

When we’re constantly living in a state of stress, our immune system becomes overworked and this can result in adrenal fatigue. The longer we remain in this stressful state, the less our body is able to respond effectively and work normally. Our hormone levels go out of whack, our appetite often increases, we tend to eat more high fat, high sugar food, inflammation goes up and fat gets deposited around the belly.
There’s only so much of this our body can cope with before we start to develop health problems such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart problems and auto-immune diseases.
Being in a constant state of stress also has a devastating impact on our mental wellbeing. We can develop anxiety, limiting beliefs, depression and unhelpful behaviour patterns. We become exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt out. We forget to practice self-care. We lose the ability to develop coping mechanisms and we can experience pain.
Living an unhealthy life in a constant state of stress and inflammation can easily lead to autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions. Over time our pain receptors become over-sensitised and the pain chemicals and messengers can go a bit awry leading to a condition called hyperalgesia, which is an increased sensitivity to pain.
The more we experience pain, the stronger the neural pathways become and the faster pain messages travel along them.
It’s not a great picture is it? Poor physical and mental health, chronic pain and burnout!

Grabbing Life With Both Hands

The good news is that all of this can be prevented, stopped in its tracks and even reversed by eating nutritious food, moving more, finding ways to lighten our load, practising self-care and reducing our toxic overload.
We also benefit through working on our minds. If we can manage our stress levels by changing our view of the world and our responses to situations, we can start to turn things around. We can avoid high anxiety, depression, overwhelm and burnout.
If we start to think more positively, we can remove our negative thinking patterns, limiting beliefs and unhelpful behaviours. We are able to develop greater compassion for others and more gratitude for all the good things we have in life. We remember to practise self-care.
We increase our chances of having good physical and mental health and reduce the odds of developing life-limiting conditions. We reduce our chances of developing auto-immune diseases and chronic pain.
We grab life with both hands.
And all of this is possible by using NLP and hypnosis.
Yes, it really is!

21st Century Warriors

NLP and hypnosis can be used to influence our eating habits, change our thinking patterns, behaviours and stress response, to stop overthinking and anxiety, to prevent overwhelm and burnout.
NLP and hypnosis work extremely well to help people manage and reduce their pain. Hypnosis is a form of self-care. It’s wonderfully relaxing and transports you away from everything, while at the same time also helping you fight your demons.
NLP and hypnosis are two of the best warriors to beat the 21st century plague.
Wouldn’t you like to have them both by your side?
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