Creating Compelling Outcomes

for Inspired Action

(Vision to Goals with NLP)

Interactive Webinar

​This session is for you if you…

• Want to learn a new way of setting goals and outcomes?

• Have a general idea of what you want in life and you’d like to get clear and specific?

• Set intentions and goals yet find it difficult to stay on track?

• Don’t know what you want and want to know set clear compelling outcomes / goals?

• Fly by the seat of your pants and get mixed results and you’d like to be more organised?

This is a complimentary session – it’s free and gratis – my gift to you

Monday 29th January 2024

7.00 – 8.30pm BST/GMT

What’s in it for you?

A outcome and goal setting intensive, full of valuable content.

Learn how to create outcomes and goals that are meaningful, motivating, compelling and

attainable, which light you up and positively drive you towards achieving them.


  • Keys for creating an achievable outcome.
  • How to write outcomes and goals that are smarter than SMART!
  • Tips to help you have laser focus.
    • Keys to creating a solid plan for success.
    • Words that matter.
    • How to keep motivated when the going get’s tough.
    • Staying on track with accountability.

      Join me on Monday 29th January at 7pm

      Creating clarity and momentum for your year!

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