Fear is a funny old thing.

It’s nature’s way of protecting us by invoking a fight, flight or freeze response when we’re afraid. As part of our ancient wiring it allows us to act appropriately when we’re in a dangerous situation, like facing a dangerous wild animal or hearing footsteps behind us on a dark night. It signals us to pay attention and decide if we take on the animal or person and fight or if we run away – flight or if we hold still until we can gather more information – freeze.

Did you know though, that as humans we are hard wired to fear two things only – falling and loud noises? Everything else we fear is a learned response.

We didn’t start life afraid of spiders, public speaking or the dentist. We acquire those fears as we go through life. We gather them up both consciously and unconsciously listening to other people and our own inner voice.

They all invoke the exact same response: do we overcome those fears – fight, do we run away from them – flight, or do we become paralysed – freeze?

Fear is a healthy response when we’re in a dangerous situation. It’s there to keep us safe by quickly directing us to one of those three courses of action. Yet when fear becomes a learned response to something we’re not hard wired to be afraid of, it creates an unhealthy chain reaction.

We’re in the middle of a chain reaction

At a physiological level fear produces a stress response and releases high levels of cortisol. Over time this can do untold damage to our bodies, leading to weight gain, premature ageing, high blood pressure and the risk of other serious conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

At an emotional level, it can lead to mood swings, depression and anxiety. Plus it then becomes self-perpetuating. We’re afraid of something, which leads to greater feelings of anxiety, so we become even more afraid, and so it spirals on.

This all happens in your unconscious mind where all your memories are stored and your emotions generated. Your unconscious mind runs your body too.

Appropriate fear is healthy. Inappropriate fear isn’t.

More than that, unhealthy fear keeps us small and unfulfilled. We don’t reach our potential because fear holds us back. It’s like a piece of elastic that stretches just so far, letting us get to the edge of what feels comfortable or just a bit further and then snap! The elastic pings us right back into our safe zone. Sometimes even further into the centre of the safe zone so we now have to travel further to move beyond our fear. It feels insurmountable.

Letting go of it all

Let me ask you though, what is fear preventing you from doing that you really want to do? What would you do if you weren’t afraid at all? What would you do if you could simply let it all go?

Would getting rid of fear be useful to you?

Imagine not being consumed by anxiety or paralysed into inaction and indecisiveness.

Imagine how you would show up differently in the world.

Imagine what you could do and the goals you could achieve.

Now you might be thinking “Ah, but my fear protects me and stops me from making a fool of myself and f*cking things up!”

What if we turned that round and said: your fear holds you back and stops you from learning, growing and living life to the full? In fact, your fear stops you from experiencing true joy!

So, what can you do about it?

It’s about time

You might be tempted to try a stress management course or perhaps you decide to learn coping techniques such as breathing exercises, mindfulness and so on. These have their place in the world and can be great for reducing anxiety on a particular moment or learning how to manage your stress levels better.

However…when it comes to fear they are not much more than a sticking plaster. They don’t stop you experiencing fear when faced with the things you’re afraid of and they don’t stop you acquiring new fears, they just apply a bit of salve to the wound. One that you have to keep on applying – which takes up so much energy!

Wouldn’t it feel better to address your fears at their root?

That’s where Time Line Therapy™ comes in!

Time Line Therapy™ is a powerful technique that allows you to visualise travelling back in time along your personal time line to eliminate the negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions that are attached to specific memories stored in your unconscious mind. All of your fears reside there and are recalled whenever you face the same situation again. The feelings of fear associated with the memory bubble to the surface. And then you make decisions based on them – decisions that limit the full range of choices that we really have.

What is happening is that you made decisions in your past that are still running your life in the present and negatively affecting your future. To change your present and future, we need to lance the boil of the past.

By eliminating these emotions, beliefs and decisions you stop them from hindering you in the present so that you can create compelling goals and plant them firmly in the future that you want – and deserve!

It’s powerful and it’s liberating yet it’s also so much more! It’s a healthier way to live life. both physiologically and emotionally. There are far fewer spokes of cortisol being released into your blood stream and life feels calmer yet also more joyful. You move from a  place of fear and staying small to a place of fearless and playing big. And from this place of strength and wellbeing you can create an upward spiral to even more success and happiness.

Which do you choose?

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