I hurt my back hugging yesterday. My lodger and I were playing the fool as we sometimes do. It might sound like a silly thing for a 55 year old to do but hey I used to run an Adventure playground and you can’t take the play out of this old girl!


Well my 6 foot lodger fell into me like a rag doll – you’ll know what I mean if you’re familiar with that ‘trust’ game where you fall and someone catches you. Anyway as I caught him, my back over arched and went crack. It didn’t help that I couldn’t stop laughing to breathe either! Oh boy did it hurt and it still does today.


It was actually a bit of a shock reminder that after a year of little climbing or going to the gym and a lot more time sitting in front of a screen, I probably need to pay a lot more attention to improving the agility and strength of my body as I have my mind!


That’s the danger, if we get into habits, repeating the same patterns day in and out either with our body or our mind, they can easily get more than a bit rigid or stuck without us even noticing. We don’t realise what external influences are slipping in and taking up residence in our head – those repeated memes, stories beliefs and ideas, because our attention is elsewhere.


Just as becoming physically fit, strong, agile and flexible requires exercise and challenging our body in different ways, the same applies to our mind. It requires commitment, practice and at times unlearning old patterns and replacing them with new more effective ones that enable you to excel. In doing so we can develop a mind that’s able to think clearly, flexibly and critically and that becomes unconstrained by externally imposed thinking and beliefs.


How to create such a mind?

It starts with awareness and acknowledgment of our influences past and present.


Then we could choose to read widely, listen to podcasts and take action to develop ourselves and change our thinking habits and behaviour.


Another way is to find an expert, just as people do in sport. Someone who can guide, give honest feedback and coach your mind to peak performance and enable you to develop to your best self. Or you could take a training to learn how coach yourself…and others too.


Developing an agile, strong and flexible mind is integral to NLP and is expressed in one of the convenient assumptions (the presuppositions) which states that “the person with the most flexibility controls the system”. In other words they have the most options for responding to the environment, any situation or communication ‍they are involved in and so are likely to achieve results.


Now as I said, this may well require some unlearning or letting go of old negative beliefs and limiting behaviours that have been externally (and later internally) imposed. This is achieved with Time Line Therapy™, a highly effective and fast process learned in Enhanced Coach Practitioner training. By letting go of the baggage and conflicts you can rise above and beyond previous blocks and limitations. You gain new clarity and greater energy. You discover you have more resources and choices, giving you renewed strength, confidence and motivation.

It’s actually just like climbing a new route – it requires commitment and leaving fear and negative thinking behind on the ground. Instead looking up and ahead, taking control of your mind, finding focus, balance and being aligned in mind..and body.


‍Imagine what you could achieve when your thinking and feeling are congruent when there’s no knapsack of crap holding you back, what previous impossibilities would become possible?


‍AboveBeyond enables you to confidently climb on past your current upper limit, to achieve what you previously thought impossible. We’re highly experienced and dedicated to delivering the highest quality experience with our Enhanced NLP Coach Practitioner Certification and Master Practitioner Certification. Take a look here. ‍


For those who’d like to dip a toe to test the water before diving right in there’s the Diploma in NLP on Saturday 8th May, which is free and gratis.