I don’t create dependence, 

I don’t want to work with you again…I really don’t.


This may seem at odds with most business models…and it is.

Because in business it’s common to assume that those who’ve worked with us, are more likely to return and purchase our services or products again. This doesn’t work for me because I don’t want you to keep coming back. If you do, it means I’ve not done my job properly or alternatively you’ve not taken action on the vital agreed tasks.

I want you to solve your ‘problems’ in one set of sessions – usually six to eight, and that’s it. If you fully engage in doing the work in and between sessions, you won’t need me after that. What’s more, you’ll solve the problem behind the problem you came with as we work with at the root cause.

Bold claims…because I know this work, really works. Countless past clients are a testament to that.

How does it work though?

Well it’s not the kind of work that requires you to trawl through problems or past traumas in detail to explore them and understand. In fact, it’s not necessary to talk about any of that at all.

I’ve absolutely nothing against the talking model, as a starting point it can be really valuable for people to tell their story and have it heard. The human brain likes to solve a problem and understand WHY something happened.

What I find though, is there’s a risk of getting stuck in a loop of going over and over the past. Some people become dependent on ‘talking’ and end up visiting a therapist every week or month for years with very little change.

If we reflect back with compassion, trauma that’s been experienced is often a case of other people doing their best with the knowledge and resources they had at the time. Most people don’t intentionally and deliberately harm others. What’s more, we also know from research that trauma can get passed from one generation to the next. Some people have gone through truly awful life experiences, those can’t be erased or changed, yet the effects of them, the emotional response and resulting behaviours can.

Our thoughts determine the majority of our emotions and feelings, which in turn affect other thoughts and our behaviour. They shape our reality – the life we experience. So to create change, you need to change the way you think to change the way you feel. With Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), you can rewire your thoughts and behaviour quickly with lasting results.

Which means NLP techniques have the very real potential to transform your entire life. NLP is a very practical body of knowledge and techniques that enable you to greatly improve your personal performance and understanding of how people function and what makes them ‘tick’. NLP is concerned with achieving positive, real world results.


Using a powerful process called Time Line Therapy® we can remove any and all ‘negative’ emotions attached to events and unresolved trauma from the past. The memories remain. Clients identify positive learnings that they can draw on in the future should anything similar happen again. The old emotions are gone.

Anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame, resentment, jealousy…all gone.

It’s often those stuck emotions and limiting beliefs that are in the way of us living the life we want. They can stop us from committing fully to a relationship, be the reason we eat or drink too much or indulge in other numbing substances or activities and they can underlie our lack of confidence and low self esteem. Once we remove the them, things change.

People who do this work often talk about being left with…

Nothing, space and freedom.

Yes, nothing, just space and a new freedom.

It’s extremely difficult to put the sheer power of Time Line Therapy® into words, because so much of how we operate is through feelings and emotions. If you’ve gone through the experience you will know, you will ‘get’ what this means.

What can you do with more space? Well if our mind within our brain is our operating system, it means you can do so much more…  be that in relation to work, managing your home and life or any of your relationships.

The over thinking is gone, the overwhelm isn’t there and any triggers have been removed.

You really won’t need me again…so the best I can hope for is that you recommend this work to your friends and family.

If you have old trauma or problems that are getting in the way of you living a fulfilling, successful and contented life, why not get in touch for a chat here to see what Time Line Therapy and NLP coaching could do for you?


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