Navigating January can be tricky for some, with a holiday period followed by back to normal and cold, dark weeks to come. So if you feel somewhat uninspired right now, you’re not alone. January 1st might seem like a symbolic fresh start, it’s really just a date on the Roman Calendar.

There are people dive headlong into the new year, full of plans and excitement and others who follow a natural cycle of the year, who are resting and reflecting right now. Then there are those who feel unmotivated, low and unsure about much in their life right now. Because life in general has been a bit of a roller coaster these last few years, with one unwanted event after another generating uncertainty and anxiety.

So it’s unsurprising if people entered 2024 feeling both hope and trepidation, because we’ve little to no idea what this year will bring. Wouldn’t it be fantastic though, to be able to tap into your inner resources and use them to face any situation with resilience?

Imagine not allowing your emotions or ‘negative’ thoughts to dictate your responses and actions. Imagine not getting triggered and reacting only to regret what you did later. Imagine being able to put yourself into a resourceful state no matter what’s going on. Imagine it now.

This is where Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is so beneficial. It helps you uncover and tap into the resources you have deep inside. It enables you to expand your thinking about what’s possible, to become more adaptable and flexible, so becoming more resilient.

Before we dive deeper, first take a moment to have compassion for yourself and recognise that you’re doing the best you can with the resources you have available to you right now. Also know that you already possess all the resources you need inside you, it’s just that you might not know how to access them.


Becoming resourceful with NLP

As NLP’ers we believe we have endless capabilities when we’re in a resourceful state. This is any state where one has access to helpful positive emotions and strategies aniiiiid is operating from them in terms of their behaviour, which then generates a successful outcome.

Being human we can experience many different states and emotions. We may have concerns about our future or family and friends, we may feel strongly about global issues and we feel sad, angry or frustrated – all emotions are valid. However, ask yourself, whether you get stuck in emotional states that aren’t helpful and which hold back and get in the way of you creating and living the life you want?

This isn’t about being in a constant state of happiness, which isn’t possible anyway. What you can do is grow your resilience so no matter what’s taking place around you, it doesn’t have you break and fall apart. Instead you draw on your resources and behavioural flexibility, adapt and move on. NLP can help you develop these skills.

Developing resilience with NLP

A fundamental principle of NLP is ‘Perception is Projection’. The way we perceive the world is generated from inside us, not from external events. We interpret and ascribe meaning to events. Simply put – if you look in a mirror and frown, that’s the reflection you get back and when you look in the mirror and smile, you get a smile back. Change what’s inside, and you change what you see outside.

Do you know people who seem to get on with life no matter what’s going on? People who approach challenges head on, find solutions to obstacles and problems and move on pretty quickly? Have you ever thought – I want to be more like that?


Where to start?

Here’s your opportunity for introspection. You may already know what you want to change – if not, give some time to get specific about what behaviours, habits, characteristics you don’t like. Where do they come from and what can you learn from them? Understand that you have the power to change your perception and thoughts, which gives you freedom of choice.

If it’s someone’s behaviour that bothers you, question where that comes from inside you, is it a reminder of something in yourself that you don’t like? Likewise, if you admire something in someone else, that too is in your neurology, otherwise you’d not be able to recognise it. This means it’s something you can learn or embody for yourself.

Napoleon Hill’s well known quote, “Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve,” sums up the idea that you can model the qualities you admire in others. There’s much power in our thoughts.


How do you do this?

When you recognise that your mind shapes your world, it gives you the power of choice. With the NLP process called Perceptual Positions, we’re able to see situations from different perspectives. In ‘reframing’ your thoughts you get to approach situations differently, often turning a problematic or challenging situation into one that now has possible solutions. By embracing paradoxical thinking you can have compassion for your current difficult situation and hold positive expectations for the future. You’re also able to recognise that there’s always more than one right answer and see other points of view.

Which brings to mind that famous Einstein quote, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

To have a different kind of life, to change what’s not working, to have more success, we have to think differently and change what’s going on inside. At the end of the day the only thing we can control is ourselves.

Working with an NLP coach can be a great place to start. NLP works with the conscious and unconscious mind.  We can remove old unhelpful emotions and limiting beliefs with Time Line Therapy®, replace unwanted behaviours and habits with effective ones and improve the quality of and satisfaction in life.

Training as an NLP Practitioner gives you the opportunity to both transform yourself and your life and learn the skills and tools to help others to do the same too.

Resilience is being adaptable in your thinking, having flexible boundaries, and the ability to reframe any situation and re-adjust your approach to achieve the results you want. Remember, the circumstance is never the issue or problem; it’s how you behave that matters.

Looking to make a change this year? Why not arrange a call to find out more about the benefits that learning NLP will bring you and your life. Your current neurology won’t take you where you want to go, no action will keep you where you are. Say yes and book a call.

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