How was 2023 for you?

I’m amused when I start seeing social posts talking about the end of a year and the beginning of the next.

Because often they tell a story of how this current year may have been rubbish in some way and how the next year will be different – where they or you will be smashing those goals, meeting the perfect man or woman, working less, travelling, being better with money etc. etc.

The thing is, if you’re starting a new year in the same way as the year or years before, as in with the same mindset, tools and resources, it’s  pretty certain you’ll be repeating the same old patterns that don’t work.

Can you say 2023’s been amazing?

Put aside for now what’s going on out there on the world stage. Yes there are a number of seriously concerning events taking place – it’s important to recognise that such events are happening somewhere virtually all the time and only a few are (purposefully) publicised, others are completely ignored.

So that aside then, turn your attention to your life, your relationships, your work or ability to earn money, your love life, your parenting… How was it for you?

Do you feel like this was another year where you didn’t reach your goals, or didn’t make the money you wanted? Perhaps you had some conflicts, experienced loss and things haven’t worked out the you wanted them to?


Now ask yourself, are you ready to go into 2024 better resourced, complete with your past and with nothing weighing you down? Because you know it’s 100% possible.

People usually come to work with me when they’ve had enough and I’ve had a flurry come to me in the last few weeks.

People who’ve had enough of repeating the same well worn patterns, of burning out or not getting their business to work, of relationships ending, of arguing with family, of being in debt.

We’ll all run our unhelpful patterns repeatedly until we find a way to break them and create new, more empowering and fulfilling ones.

It’s all in your mind!

By the way, when I say mind, I’m not just referring to the inside of your head. Your mind exists throughout your body. Neurotransmitters (chemical messengers) bathe every cell sending messages back and forth – that’s a topic for another blog. Let’s get back on track.

Your mind (body mind as I like to call it) is a complex and incredible entity that processes vast amounts of information every day. It plays a vital role in shaping your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Understanding how it works is, I believe a primary step towards personal growth and transformation.

Deep in your brain there’s a bundle of neurons, about the length of your little finger, called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). This system, apart from regulating alertness, is also influential in how we shape our reality. We’re bombarded by between 2 and 11 million bits of information per second (depending on who you ask) and the RAS acts as an information filter that has us pay attention to what’s important to us. This is how and why we notice things that are relevant to our interests or goals. That mass of information we constantly receive is deleted, distorted and generalised to fit our existing perceptions. We have the reality of  that which is already programmed and stored in our mind. Simply put, we get what we look for, good and bad.

If you think the outside world is a scary place, then you’ll find evidence to prove it is. If you think that the world is safe and abundant and  people are mostly kind, then your RAS will empower you by focusing on things that support your positive and abundant outlook.

It’s not quite as simple as that though, because there may be things happening at an unconscious level, which are sabotaging your efforts.


NLP helps us tap into this hidden power

When things aren’t working, your mind will communicate with you in various ways, these may start with subtle hints and grow to shocking blows. Here are 7 signs that your mind is telling you something needs addressing:

1. Confusion: This comes from inner conflict and you feel pulled in different directions. It might show up as indecisiveness, for example, ‘part of me wants to get a full-time job, part of me wants to work for myself.’ You might find you’re procrastinating a lot and weighing up endless pros and cons. This takes a lot of mental energy and stops you moving forward.

NLP is great for helping resolve internal conflicts in a short space of time, so freeing up your mental energy.

2. Feelings of irritation, frustration or disatisfaction with where you are in life: This might be from putting up with an unfulfilling job or relationship, conflict with friends or family members, too much people pleasing or low confidence. There may be some self blame or shame from realising your situation is a result of past decisions and actions or because you’ve put up with it for so long.

NLP can help you reframe your perspective to let go of unhelpful feelings and make more constructive solution focused choices.

3. Overwhelm: When your mind is filled with myriad thoughts you feel foggy and unable to focus. You might react by blaming others or external circumstances or focus on the minutiae and things that aren’t important or find fault in others. It’s essential to clear the mental clutter.

NLP can help you regain control, prioritise and focus on what will get you the positive results you desire.

4. Boredom: When you’re feeling stuck in a rut or bored with the monotony of life and have a feeling there must be more to it all than this, you can fall into apathy. You have little energy, lack inspiration or you keep playing it safe, staying stuck in your comfort zone.

NLP can guide you to explore new possibilities, reignite your passion and stretch your comfort zone to learn and do new things.

5. Recurring Flashbacks to Uncomfortable Memories: These tend to be of events or unresolved issues from our past, which our unconscious mind will bring up to the surface from time to time to encourage us to resolve them. Unresolved issues drain your energy.

NLP techniques can help you find closure for anything weighing you down from the past so you can move forward with renewed vitality.

6. Having Crisis After Crisis: Repeated mishaps, accidents and crises are a sign you’re running a self sabotaging pattern. You’re using energy to manage or cope with one or more issues at the unconscious level so you don’t have the bandwith to pay attention to keeping yourself safe in other ways.

NLP can help you uncover self sabotaging patterns and replace them with helpful ones that support you to be, do and have what you desire.

7. Feeling Desperate: When you feel utterly stuck with no options, hopeless or lost without direction. This is a tough place to be and it’s crucial to reach out for support.

An NLP practitioner or coach can guide you toward clarity, vision, and empowerment.

The Path to Personal Transformation

NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnosis are powerful approaches that can facilitate your journey toward personal transformation. They can help you:

  • Find clarity and develop a vision for your future.
  • Make a plan and take actionable steps towards your goals.
  • Release and be complete with your past.
  • Heal emotional rifts.
  • Change your thinking and perception
  • Become more empowered and self-assured.
  • Take control of your destiny.

And the beauty is – this can all happen in a relatively short time.

In 2024, the best investment you can make is in yourself. Whether you choose to become an NLP practitioner or embark on a personal breakthrough journey, NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnosis can help you shed the weight of your past and emerge more empowered, confident, and self-assured.

We have one life (that we consciously know) and it’s too short to be burdened by past regrets, indecision, and unfulfilled potential. Embrace the power of NLP, let go of what holds you back and step into 2024 with the conviction and confidence that you can shape your own destiny. It’s time to really make this coming year your best one yet, permanently clear of the clutter clogging up your mind.


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